Server is BACK - Spoutcraft

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Server is BACK - Spoutcraft

Post  Devboi on Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:33 am

I managed to get my comp fixed and I decided I wanted to play some MC
I was going to remake the tekkit server but thought fuck tekkit I dont even use the stuff they add and I can get 80% of it using plugins.
Spoutcraft allows me to add more FUN items blocks and effects that tekkit cannot offer
Plus its what I want to play and why would I run a server I dont wanna play on lol

come join in the fun

All plugin commands/tutorials are linked in the PLUGINS section of the forum.
No restrictions - Only thing you get as member is an element

(Heroes is installed but you can choose to stay Citizen: no tool/armor restrictions + no heroes skills) or choose a Class: restrictions on armor/tools + heroes skills)


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